Nate Levy C&C Team Lead changes Crowd Control in WAR

Not yet though, upcoming in the 1.3.2 patch however Tanks are going to start being the receivers of quite a few DPS CC abilities. Also, the first major change will be coming. CC is going to take a backseat from the current offensive rapefest, to a more defensive tone.  

 Stun will be removed from the game.

Replacing it, and a couple of the previous Knockdown effects, will be a new effect that they should have had a long time ago. Stagger (think mez or sleep).

Stagger will be a longer duration, but breakable, type of CC. It’ll hold all the same joys as Stun and Disable, but with the hope someone sneezes on you to knock that shit off. This means a great deal for our AoE filled game. Players will have to think a little harder before tossing around AoE, and Tanks will get a much more useful role to play.

I am very excited about this. 😀

See the post HERE

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