Patching since 1.2 – Archive

A look back at patching…

1.2 – 3/3
Client Stability 3/3
Server Maint 3/4
Hot Fix 3/4
Server Maint – Transfers 3/5
Server Maint 3/5
Hot Fix 3/5
Server Maint – Transfers 3/10
Hot Fix 3/10
Login Fix 3/10
Server Maint – Transfers 3/11
Hot Fix 3/11
Server Maint – Transfers 3/12
Patcher Issues 3/12
Server Maint – Limited 3/13
Server Maint – Oceanic 3/13
Hot Fix 3/13

10 days, 16 hotfixes and server maintenance. 12 not counting Transfer issues.

1.2.1 – 4/16
Server Stability 4/16
Server Downtime 4/16
Sever Maint 4/17
Hot Fix 4/17
Server Maint 4/18
Hot Fix 4/18
Server Maint 4/20
Server Maint (DC only) 4/21
Server Maint 4/22
Hot Fix 4/23
Hot Fix 4/23
Hot Fix 4/24
Server Maint (Iron Rock) 4/28
Server Maint 4/29
Server Maint 4/30
Hot Fix 4/30

15 days, 17 hotfixes and server maintenance. No transfer issues with this batch…

1.3 6/16
Patcher Issues 6/16
Hot Fix 6/16
Server Maint 6/17
Hot Fix 6/17
Server Maint 6/18
Hot Fix 6/18
Server Maint 6/19
Hot Fix 6/19
Server Maint (DC only) 6/22
Hot Fix 6/22
Hot Fix 6/23
Server Maint 6/24
Server Maint (Iron Claw only) 6/25
Hot Fix 6/25
Server Maint 6/26
Hot Fix 6/27

11 days, 16 hotfixes and server maintenance.

1.3.0b 7/22
Server Maint (Iron Rock) 7/23
Server Maint 7/24
Server Maint 7/27
Server Maint 7/30
Server Maint 7/31
Hot Fix 7/31
Server Maint 7/31

9 days, only one Hot Fix… I guess that’s OK, since it wasn’t a huge patch anyway.
Just the blanket AoE nerf and Shaman/Archmage overhaul.

1.3.1 8/18
Server Maint 8/19
Hot Fix 8/20
Stability Issues 8/21
Server Maint 8/21

Here’s the point of all this. Unless there’s a hotfix to download before the weekend, my trending shows we won’t have one until Monday. Technically, we should have an update every other day next week considering how bad things are, depending on how fast they get fixed. What’s particularly upsetting about the 1.3.1 patch, is the amount of OLD bugs that have been reintroduced into the game, and the number of rollbacks that happened. There’s bugs from LAUNCH that popped back up with this patch. Maybe it’s part of their 1 year anniversary?

If I weren’t such a WAR addict, I would say I’ll be staying away from the game over the weekend. I know this isn’t true though. It’s like some sick masochistic obsession for me. Once we lose a couple thousand more players, I think we’ll be down to the baseline of players like myself.

If Mythic is smart, they’ll realize what kind of problem they opened up with this patch, and give everyone on their staff a bit of overtime for the weekend. Waiting until Monday is going to hurt them even more.

5 thoughts on “Patching since 1.2 – Archive

  1. Very excellent post my friend. A very excellently sad post though. I am *almost* at a loss of words when it comes to Mythic. You've illistrated the blunders of patches quite well… but there are also hot fixes that don't show up on the herald: stability fixes. Over this past week I seem to download one every time I restart my client.Which means they are working hard on the issue, but it seems the patches are getting progressively worse. Will the next patch just shut down the game for an entire week?I am die hard- so die hard I have half painted dwarf models scattered across my desk… but they have really been testing my fanboiness these past few weeks.


  2. Our code works fine! You just aren't using it right! You all need to give me $50 each and I will have the resources needed to implement 1.4.1 which will not only solve all of these problems, it will also take WAR to a new level with the all new destructo-widget. The fondly called "DW" will be a little trinket thingy that will cause a CTD to the targeted player. Now you have the ability to give that frustration right back to the enemy! Yay for me!


  3. I am really surprised they don't have a weekend overtime with this.Still, some of the bugs are not reintroduced, but exists since launch. This is bad on one hand, but maybe they can finally fix those.There ARE reintroduced bugs, some noted during PTS testing. But didn't get fixed in time. This is the most disappointing thing to me, because I was there, I made a post, and Chris acknowledged it. But it didn't get fixed. If it were some other developer, the server will be closing down for a few days to get this issue away ASAP, but Mythic intended to let those continue. This is either a blind hope that people will stay on board despite these problems, or they are spread extremely thin – after all, there will be an expansion for UO, and some mysterious work on DAoC.What Mythic is having here is a problem that few studios, except maybe NCSoft and Turbine are facing – management of multiple mmos, and unfortunately it shows that they are not very good in this area.You'd think with problems after problems they would be more open and cautious in regard to their product. I can now see why a number of people don't even give feedback anymore – they don't seem to listen to it.


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