WAR Blogs – WCPI – Zombie Post

It’s that time again! Kinda…

I’ll use this WCPI opportunity to toss pingbacks to the Zombie Blogs of WAR. My fave ones that have been off the radar for a while, switched to general gaming blogs, or have tapped out and tossed in the towel. This comes at the same time as my sporadic Blogroll update as well, hence the interest in the subject material. Without further ado…

This was a great blog for flavor and story. Willi, the author, had so much potential for greatness, but late in March simply disappeared.

Starbreaker had a good thing going as well. He was more focused on his personal experiences and specs, but went into fine enough detail to really present useful information. Good blog, gone without a whisper.

Here’s the OP blog from a still-playing-but-done-blogging Warrior Priest by the name of Maladorn. I enjoyed this one for a good while, though as usual caught onto things at the end of the road. I’ve spent a good amount of time filtering through his older posts, well worth the insights given.

Who doesn’t love Omlettez and Pancakez? I was sad, along with much of the blogging community, to see this team go elsewhere. Ah well, if you haven’t heard of them, crawl out from under that rock and give em some love.

Athekkhar is one of the shambling dead at the moment. Something to do with this thing he calls “RL” getting in the way. His sub to WAR ended, but he vows to return to his Chosen-y Tank-y ways eventually. One to keep on the books for sure.

Here’s one that sort of faded. A good amount of inactivity between posts, one last “I’ll be back”, and then silence and crickets. Hiryu02 was one of the many Slayers blogging about his experiences in WAR. Mid-May claimed his blog to zombie status. Perhaps he shall rise again?

Good ol’ Naz isn’t actually a zombie. I think he might have burned out with his TONS of content and delightful commentary. Though he hasn’t posted since the beginning of June, he still lurks the WAR blogosphere. I see you Naz…

One of the larger and more influential WAR blog (and excellent comic series) has dropped WAR to try out “different things”. I don’t think there’s any IP out there with the sort of depth and community to rival WAR. Excluding WoW. Which has apparently taken him under wing for some new content. Bleh. Stupid WoW getting all the glory.

Next up is a handful of WAR turned general MMO blogs. These are mostly newer bloggers that, in my opinion, actually enjoy blogging and simply ran out of WAR content. Obviously their solution was to tear down the fence and set up a junction for all comers. Typically the best general MMO blogs have a wide amount of games to play, and an amazingly expansive mind. They cover all sorts of things now, and appreciate the followers from WAR to everything else. Granted, I don’t actually keep them on my Blogroll here at the site, they do get a special place in Google Reader so I can keep tabs on things.

http://wayofthechosen.wordpress.com/  —-> http://highlatencylife.wordpress.com/
Rivs is still going strong and maintains his WAR Blogroll, occasionally playing, and still angry at the Order/Alliance factions. Rock on Rivs, rock on.

http://girlirl.blogwarhammer.net/  —->  http://girlunplugged.wordpress.com/
Truly an interesting transition for the ever lovely Jennifer. From WAR, to a brief stint of WoW, the onward to the joyous blogging about… The Sims 3. Jen, not sure how you do it, but you do. Team Fortress 2 redeems this awkward transition from RvR to ah.. Sims, with a healthy dose of exploding killer-y. Gotta say, I didn’t expect that coming though.

http://chaosmoon.gameriot.com/blogs/WAAAGH  —->  http://biobreak.wordpress.com/
Syp is another icon in the blogosphere most people have probably heard about. Currently exploring the refresh of DDO to DDOU. (that’d be Unlimited), he’s still blogging it up and waiting for the next big timesink. Aion or Champions Online? Seems the superhero genre will beat out the F2P Korean fantasy setting.

http://squigystardust.wordpress.com/  —->  http://gamingonearth.blogspot.com
This was a pretty straightforward transition from WAR to Champions Online as well. a couple posts on other topics along the way, but nothing real far off the side.

http://wnw.blogwarhammer.net/  —->  http://quilldragon.com/
This was by FAR the most interesting transition for a blog to take, and was very unexpected. Yes, moreso than the WAR->Sims3. Wizards and Wenches had a couple bloggers on the site, and have seemingly transitioned over to a more contemporary literature blog. Like, real paper books and stuff. You can’t even kill things. So lost… Ah well, to each their own I suppose. You guys did a great job with the wordcrafting in WAR. I’ll be happy that you’re still being happy with your new place.

http://blamethehealer.blogwarhammer.net/  —->  http://blamethehealer.wordpress.com/
Dont has moved from WAR to a general MMO blog. Champions, Aion, TF2, DDO. Ran into a pretty harsh stall there for a minute, but has picked up the ball again and is still blogging about healers.

Scary huh? I’m not kidding when I say I keep track of everyone, my Google Reader has at one point had over 100 subs, and slowly over time I trim them down due to inactivity. At the moment, I have about 40. There’s been a definite decline, but you have to think about it on a scale.

WoW has tons of blogs, and millions of subscribers. I exclude that one for the reason that it’s too big to be considered competition.

Moving on, we have…
FFXI – 550k
EVE Online – 300k
WAR – 300k
LotRO – 280k
EQ1/2 – 375k combined as of ’07
CoX –  125k
Second Life – 110k
AoC – 50k
SW:G – 100k as of ’07

All in the same approximate category, and in that order… There’s plenty more out there, but in my opinion F2P games are in a different category altogether as they can easily attract large masses of players and botters who have very little allegiance to the game. Not that it matters for the example I’m about to make.

Do something for me. Go to google and search for Warhammer Online Blog.

Find lots of results eh?

Try it for every other one of the games on this list and tell me how many you come up with. Head to some of the
blogs, see if they’re still alive. See if they’re focused on their own particular game. You’ll find the depth and intensity of WAR dedicated blogs exceeds them.

Pointless ranting with relevant information? Check!
Alright, I may have lost my point somewhere along the way, but at least I had a chance to toot my WAR horn. Hehe…

14 thoughts on “WAR Blogs – WCPI – Zombie Post

  1. Yeah, I saw that you're leaving WAR. About 10 minutes before I posted this. Ah well, I hope Aion goes horrible for you (and anyone else swapping), and you come back begging for moar WAR! ;)Play Order on Praag. That's a lol-fest. But at least there's lots of killin to be done. We even get a chance to duel occasionally. Destro guys in Order vent, vice versa, and all kinds of crazy…


  2. Heh, thanks for the recognition. Apparently my work will get wider acclaim after I pass. Hmmmm…. Maybe I should write that book I've been thinking about and then fake my death…..Anyway, I posted a thank you on WARnPieces.


  3. I appreciate the mention and the love, but I have two concerns. One is that I never went back to WoW, not even for a "brief stint."The other is that I don't blog exclusively about TF2 or The Sims. My new blog is focused on entertainment in general, which includes television, movies, books, and all kinds of games. I guess I also take issue with the derisive way in which you describe my transition to playing The Sims, especially when you consider many of my posts at Girl IRL described the influence The Sims franchise has on my gaming point of view, and how I think WAR could have benefited from a similar influence.Again, I really do appreciate the mention.


  4. Happy to have ya correct me :)I must have mixed up some other blog with yours amongst the many massive walls o' text. I am a bit down on TS3, but only because of the nature of the game in relation to my own preferences. It's certainly not a personal rub against you. I never would have expected it, which in it's own way is pretty damn cool.The most fun I had in TS was getting a bunch of people over for a party, and building each of them a room with no doors, then letting them slowly die off. All the while my evil bastard at inside and cried about it. Hehe…


  5. The depth of the blog community around WAR was what drew me into the idea of blogging as well. Especially people like Regis, Pancakez, and Omelettez. It really is a strange phenomenon when you think about it. What was so special about WAR that people wanted to blog about it so much more than other games? The PvP must be part of that mix, but there's got to be so much more to it than that.


  6. Ah… I might do a post on Aion…Might have to wear a muzzle to keep the frothing off my monitor and keyboard. Free to play games make me aggro for dozens of reasons, and I don't expect this one to be any different.


  7. I'll probably have a run at it eventually then. However, my love for WAR runs deep. Real deep.Patch today cut loading times to a fraction of what they were. Sneaky ninja style patch too… 🙂 5-10s for Scenarios, 15-20s for zones.


  8. You can add me (if you want of course).Formerly of Lagwar.com, I've joined my Circle of Trust guildies in a general gaming blog effort. Some of them still play WAR, so you'll still hear us talking about it on the podcast, and even see the occasional article. Hope you enjoy!http://www.Multiplaying.net


  9. Is that you in the white van stalking me….Thanks for the link love. Yeah the blogosphere keeps changing…but ya know what. The Raven god is all about change, thus I embrace it. 🙂


  10. Hehe…I'm like that guy that you don't really think is stalking you. Like, I'm probably not THAT weird, and I kinda seem sorta OK as a human being. Besides, there's really no reason that I should be stalking you anyway, and my reasons for being around are perfectly legit… So you chalk it up to coincidence.BTW, that van is pearl. Not white. :p


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