This is something I want to do

I can already feel it building up inside of me.

I’ve always been a fan of webcomics, and never really though about making one myself. Don’t get me wrong, the blogging is good. I love having the avenue to vent, hold a grudge, cheer, and generally promote the Warhammer community. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, that’s for sure. It’s just a different kind of release to do sort of a toungue-in-cheek jab at the high profile guys. Some of the things they say, or just the way they say things makes me laugh. Really, that’s what I want to bring to these comics. Everyone does I’d imagine.

How many times have you watched a short spot of Paul doing something ridiculous and cracked a goofy grin? How many times has Jeff said something that made you facepalm the nearest living being? I love these guys, I love WAR, and I’m going to be a bit cruel in my love for them. It’s just how I would treat any of my close friends, and they could attest to that. I just hope it makes you guys laugh occasionally, and maybe even stir up some conversation.

Preview for tommorow? There’s a new link at the top of my site now. Jeff does not have a good time.


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