Keeping Fresh

Yeah I’m still playing Rift, just about to hit the level cap. Most of my blogging time in the past has come when work slows down and I actually have free time. All of that is gone. Has been for weeks now. Probably also doesn’t help they changed our cube farm into this weird indie open-space environment that makes me claw at my eyes in frustration. If anything, you’d probably get more out of my Posterous site as I more regularly drop screenshots in ther. Not to mention Twitter, which is a lot more lively (and I reckon 90% of you are there anyway). 

Of course, that’s not to say I haven’t been doing other things. I’ve been bitten by the Minecraft bug again in some odd compulsion to build large blocky monuments of awesomeness in single-player where all my crazy mods work. Drinking too. I’ve been doing a lot of drinking. Trying to shake off that last bit of winter is a pain in the ass when we’re still likely to get snow in Apri.  Permanently hungover means you’re always ready to drink it off, or so my mother tells me.

The kind fellows running MMOFansites enabled a plugin that gives me Rift tooltips at my command, so that’ll be something to look for next time I’m feeling productive. It’ll likely be slow going until we get proper walls around our workspaces again, I’ve been told this situation is temporary. As is most things in life I suppose.

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