Tin Foil Hat Area

With the imminent headstart launch of Rift hovering only moments away, it would only be appropriate that Massively publicizes a Warhammer forum thread highlighting the “Cancel Subscription” button gone missing in the account management section. It’s a sensationalist piece for sure, touting a new patch on a test server for WoW and Mortal Online offering a 14-day trial as the other pieces of Rift resistance. So WAR has the shitty smelling stick once again, which I point graciously to my video reaction upon hearing the news.

To be perfectly fair, this issue is currently resolved.

However, I’d do a backflip to see the root cause analysis (RCA) on this little incident. Particularly if nothing else on the account management page was significantly changed. Surely the staff managing Warhammer can’t possibly be so large as to still have some sort of saboteur mucking up the works at every possible turn can it? Perhaps it’s an EA employee that is all butt-hurt over 1.4 and died in PvP somewhere. Who knows? It’s just another smudge on their reputation, but at this point maybe no one will notice they’re rolling around the mud anyway. Still, this is nothing compared to the billing issues, and it was resolved very quickly. Just not quick enough to avoid Massively getting their hands on it and bringing it to light.

5 thoughts on “Tin Foil Hat Area

  1. Meh, sensionalistic journalism at it’s best. If EA or Mythic felt threatened by Rift wouldn’t they do something more substantial than make the cancel subscription button disappear? People who are going to try Rift probably cancelled their subscription quite some time ago anyway. Can’t see this hurting them. I’m sure that any game feeling threatened by Rift would act much before Rift actually came out, I’m certain that publishers/developers can see that doing anything now is kinda pointless.I think that MO starting to offer the trial right when the Rift headstart starts is a coincidence, the two games have nothing in common besides for the fact that they are both MMOs.


  2. They put a strikethrough the comment and added an edit at the bottom as soon as it was fixed. Seriously though, the cancel button disappearing on the same day Rift came out is quite a coincidence. I was shocked that they didn’t link in more items (like DCUO releasing thier first big update this week, Sony releasing the prgression servers and AOC announcing a new server type).


  3. Massively has a hard-on for knocking WAR. That’s just been the way it is for a long, LONG time now. If the articles aren’t negative, they’re short. If they’re not short, then they’re full of inaccuracies. Hell, the “special writer” they hired for the game got so many things wrong in his time there that it left a lot of folks wondering if he payed attention when playing.


  4. I remember that guy. Greg something, wasn’t it? Man, his crap was the reason I got banned from commenting at Massively a couple times.They’ve always irritated me with the garbage posts. I’ve pretty much stopped reading the site as a whole and stuck to subscribing to specific post tags instead.


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