Non-WAR Gaming in 2010

My games of 2010 in order of rating.

Fallout: New Vegas
Intentionally DNF. Game of the year. Does everything Fallout style perfectly. Rare bugs are excuseable. Content is excellent. VATS improvement is MUCH appreciated. Choices have serious implications, cannot kill everything to win. Perfect game for 2010. 10/10

EVE Online
Current sub. Second drug of choice. Much better on polish. Takes a LONG time to build up skills, if you’re playing actively you’ll be stuck at each tier of missions for a while before being able to move onto the next one. Best hardcore game on the market. 9/10

Mass Effect 2
Finished. Somehow they did everything better in ME2 with few exceptions. Planet scanning and Ammo were the only downsides. Better character interaction, better moral choices, better levels to explore, more side missions to do. Main story was actually quite short, but if you didn’t do the side content, it made for a depressing ending. Excellent game. 9/10

Dragon Age: Origins
Finished. Bioware instant classic. Awesome that they have their own IP that hit gold. Good story, excellent supporting cast of characters. A bit linear and predictable, but ultimately worth the full experience. Pick up the compilation pack if you can. 9/10

Indie game of the year. This is my videogame LEGO set. I play on Bluekae’s server. Easily able to dump hundreds of hours into if you’re not careful. VERY immersive. Has addictive properties unrivaled by most other games on the market. Under constant development, very clear intentions and path to release so far. 9/10

Warhammer Online
Current sub. Drug of choice, comes with a slew of issues. 8/10

Mass Effect
Finished. Picked this up before ME2 released. Instant Bioware classic. Another excellent original IP. I actually enjoyed the Mako missions. Story was linear, but gave plenty of room (almost too much) to explore. Morale choice system was black and white without too severe of consequences. 8/10

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Finished Cop Career. Loved the original Hot Pursuit games. Love this one. Online play is very smooth, tends to favor the Cops. Always did better trying to pursue than outrun. Time Trial runs in career mode are annoying. Hot pursuit races (8 other racers + cops) are hilariously fun. Short career mode, too many unlocks, not enough value in them. 8/10

Dead Space
DNF. I really should have finished this one. Combat was restrictive, in a good way. You moved slow and had to keep your eyes open. Very horror-ish game, even when you expected things to come for you, still made me jump. Best survival horror game I’ve played since RE2. 8/10

Street Fighter 4
Rank E. I haven’t invested time to get my ranking up any further. I’ve always had a love for SFA3, and SF4 brough the franchise back to that playstyle. I still pick this game up and hit some online matches occasionally. Main is Ken, been futzing about with C.Viper. 8/10

Fallout 3
Finished. Although I started playing it last year. Replay value is through the roof due to the insane amount of mods and the seemingly future-proof engine. Story is so-so, interactions with NPC’s holds little weight. Stealth+Sniper+Shotgun is OP, and quite fun. 8/10

Half Life 2
Finished. Yes, I played it this year, a little late to the party maybe. Really not too challenging, but lots of different mechanics to the game. Kept my interest the whole way though. 8/10

Finished. Also, got it free on Portal-Day via Steam. Highly recommended FPS puzzle game. First full run took about 15 hours. Second run took under 3. Low replay value, wish they added some more levels as DLC. 7/10

Mirror’s Edge
DNF. Got stuck in a room with some green pipes and a bunch of slanted walls to jump on. Linear in a good way. Lots of “oh shit” moments as you go flying through the air. Fun game. 7/10

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Finished. Standard FPS, hilarious supporting cast. Terrible things overshadowed with comedy. Suicidal team members look death in the face and LOL. Wish there were more story. The supporting cast make this game in every way. Gets a little too serious at times which kills the mood. Not a fan of the online play. 7/10

Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Finished. Great combat, good story, some really epic moments. Didn’t really feel like the main character fit in the SW universe. 7/10

Finished. Diablo-esque, very near to a full-on clone. Softer graphical style, fun mechanics in early levels, tends to be very reliant on a few key (overpowered) abilities towards the end of the game. The last world I used the same ability constantly. Difficult achievements. Solid game. 7/10

Finished. Shooter RPG. Cel-shaded isn’t my favorite graphical style but it’s done well. Bosses are very difficult, usually have to find a way for them to glitch and take the easy way out. Fun with a friend, gets tiring when playing along. Solid game. 7/10

Batman Arkham Asylum
Dun-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh Batmaaaaaan! It’s Batman. He’s a badass. Joker is an asshole, Riddler is a pretentious twat, Croc is a sociopath. Ivy is… tempting… Best Batman game ever. That’s not saying much. Worth playing. 7/10

Mount & Blade
Sleeper game of the year. DNF, open ended. Also, I cheated after the first 15 hours. Mounted combat has never been done so well. Takes a while to get a small unit established. Joining a kingdom puts you at war with two others (out of 5), which can get hairy pretty quick early in the game. Before I started cheating massively I had a unit of 30 elite soldiers, but warring countries rolled around with 100+ and tended to gang together. Quite difficult. Fun to sandbox in. 7/10

Team Fortress 2
Currently playing. Engineer and Pyro are my preferred classes. Nice to see many of the random drop gear as purchaseable. Can be tough to find competitve (non-facerolling) servers. Good solid, not-too-serious FPS. Fun mechanics for each class. 7/10

Lord of the Rings Online
3 month sub. Pre-F2P conversion, I had a Runekeeper in the early thirties. Too much PvE. Monster play was simply not fun. Crafting was good. Gathering was a pain. The few dungeons I ran seemed pretty linear and uninspired. 6/10

DNF. Repetetive god-mode beat em up city roamer. Storyline optional. Interesting city wide event system. Roam freely, do challenges, or progress the story. Fun as a sandbox, disappointing as a story. 6/10

DNF. At first this game had me hooked. Controlling minions to do my bidding started out fun. Then it turned into a color-matching game. Red fights green, blue fights yellow (or whatever). You need one kind of minion to go unlock another kind of minion. Not enough persistence/reward for being an Overlord. Just a lot of micromanagement of morons. Started strong, not-finished poorly. 6/10

Age of Conan
Trialed. Played the entire 14 days without wearing anything. Full on nude. Rarely had a problem fighting things. Never did quite get to any PvP. Pretty world, kind of lame combat mechanics. 5/10

F2P account. Played about 2 hours on the Ice island before starting a new toon in a more traditional zone. Spent another 6 hours there. Finished three quest hubs and logged off. WTB more action in MMO’s. Quest hubs are not my thing. 5/10

Saints Row 2
DNF. Failed GTA4 clone. Too campy, played about 5 hours and gave up on it. Seems like a lot of things were tacked on to the game but don’t feel important. Grinding missions is repetitve. Lack of focus and direction. Rewards random destruction instead of following a plot in any fashion. 5/10

Dungeon Fighter Online
10 hours played. Grindy grindy grindy. Very arcade beat-em-up feel. Not very challenging. Confusing level/class system that penalizes mistakes. Very costly RMT items. Terrible
resolution settings. Not interested in pursuing further. 4/10

Blood Bowl
Played 3 games. Lost all of them. Simply could not get into the flow of this game. 4/10

Supreme Commander 2
DNF. Picked this up because I heard it was amazing graphically. Was disappointed. No real storyline to follow. Got my ass kicked a lot. I’m probably just bad at RTS’s. 4/10

Dynasty Warriors Online
2 hours played. Feels almost like an exact port from DW3 from PS1. NOT GOOD for 2010. Could not get over the graphics and playstyle from 10+ years ago. If you have an itch for old-school DW, this will scratch it. 3/10

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
DNF. Hell, I barely started this one. Again, heard from other people about its greatness, didn’t expect it to be so incredibly dated. This game has no redeeming qualities for 2010. 3/10

Free Trialed. Made it to level 8 maybe? Pretty fuzzy memory of this game. I know I was attacking goblins and they took forever to kill. Died a lot. Awkward combat and controls. Lack of direction. Lost interest within a few hours. 3/10

Played from beta in May until it was shutdown. Serious issues with this game went unfixed for far too long. Shortest online game lifetime in history due to corporate fraud/theft. Huge potential. Re-release coming in 2011. 2/10

One thought on “Non-WAR Gaming in 2010

  1. Bloody hell mate. That’s a long list though I have tried a good number of them myself so I guess I can’t talk! I know that I am supposed to like Fallout 3 (having played the original Wastelands and every sequel) but I just couldn’t get into it. The interface just put me off a little and I’m too easily distracted by other shiny gaming-objects and my addiction to WAR. Agree about Eve- I loved it when I was playing it. Once you get into the swing of things it very immersing.


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