Ekrund Lair Boss Video

Figger I’d post something! I blame the twitter for stealing my normal posting thunder… ah well.

Still working on getting the Blighted Isle boss on video, this little project is taking me a while to smush together.

2 thoughts on “Ekrund Lair Boss Video

  1. Cool!I've only ever taken part in one Lair Boss encounter (the one in Black Fire Pass near the keep).Quick question about your mods … which ones are you using that show the map in the lower right corner, the one that shows the loot, and the one that looks like Squared that's over on the left-hand side of the screen showing your party members.


  2. The map in the lower right corner is CustomMap or CMap depending on what it's listed as.LootWatch shows my drops with a centered text message. Tidy Roll shows loot rolls without the huge window in the middle of my screen. Left click = greed, right = need, mid = pass.That is indeed Squared, set up vertically.There's another video coming as soon as I can drag some of the guys out to Blighted Isle. Last couple of times we've checked it's been down. 12 hour timer on the lairs =/


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