Vote or Die

I’m not a fan of either candidate. It sucks choosing a lesser of two evils, and I voted in the primary election for Bernie. The DNC gave it to him raw, but at least he got a useful position at a policy making level.

Some people try to stay kind of neutral when it comes to elections, but that’s cowardice to me. Vote Hillary.

Look, it’s a shit show. Hillary has been a politician for a long time, and she’s got the stains and battle scars to prove it. She’s done some questionable shit. Perhaps feigned ignorance, weighted decisisons, but far less likely is intentional negligence.

Trump on the other hand stands tall and proud for white machismo. It’s one thing to speak your mind, it’s another when the things you say are rather horrible. He’s a con artist. If he’s not a plant by the DNC to screw with idiots heads in order to crown Hillary first lady prez, I don’t know what is. But for every line he’s fed to a ravenous base, hungry for white power, he’s stripped away one layer of grime from Hillary that made her unappealing as well.

We need third and fourth parties. It makes my stomach turn having to vote for either of these clowns. However, I’m not stupid enough to ignore the one who wants to put nukes on the table and Literally build a wall on our southern border with peaceful allies who bring in far more economic stimulation than they cost.

Over what, emails? Benghazi? Drone strikes? Any of the other shit that’s been thrown at the wall to see what sticks? I don’t think so. IF you’re going out to vote, take the lesser of two evils. If you think that Trump is gonna make America great again, just stay home. Drink a bottle of liquor instead.

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